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Bill 93 Basics

Bill 93 was implemented in 2022 in Ontario  to replace and amend the Ontario One Call Act from 2012 and the Building Broadband Faster Act from 2021. Many aspects of the underground infrastructure notification rules changed with this the passing of this Bill, however the largest change was around the formalization of the Dedicated Locator concept.

As a member of the 2021 cross functional committee tasked with identifying opportunities for the government to accelerate broadband availability in Ontario, I recognized the deep industry desire to create speed up construction and access to locates. While certainly not perfect, the addition of the Dedicated Locator (DL) system within Ontario One Call is a key step in the right direction.

There are still question marks in the industry about the timing of this implementation and on how the associated penalty regime will be implemented. There are also challenges on implementing DL programs, that have not been factored into the Bill and One Call system, so the initial implementation will come with its challenges. Nonetheless, this change marks solid progress for the construction and locate industries in Ontario, as well as those waiting for reliable internet.

Ontario One Call has very detailed info on their website on how each impacted stakeholder can work within the new DL environment effectively and does a great job of relaying the administrative process. There are however many other aspects of the DL program, particularly around planning, resourcing, and implementation that are not explicitly mentioned, which I will cover in a separate article.

Enertia DL Services:

Ontario One Call DL info:

The full Bill 93 Royal Assent is here: