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About Enertia

Enertia was founded with a passion to solve challenges in the energy, infrastructure, telecommunications, and non profit industries. Find out more below about how we got started and why we do what we do.

Our Story

Enertia was founded by Ron Laidman after more than a decade of executive experience in the energy and utilities industry. Ron saw a rapidly shifting industry where his experience combined with his thirst for solving problems offers a compelling perspective to the industry. With an in depth understanding of the energy, infrastructure, utilities, telecommunications, and governance landscapes, Enertia’s mission is to energize your business and help you solve challenges and prepare for opportunities so you can focus on your core business operations.

Our Leadership

Ron Laidman
PRINCIPAL and Founder

Prior to founding Enertia, Ron was a senior executive for large private and public firms in the energy and utility sectors including Telecon, OEC, Oakville Hydro, and Shawcor. Ron’s roles have covered a wide range including as Vice President leading businesses, but also through leadership of other key business functions including transformation, continuous improvement, fleet, health and safety, M&A and business development.

Ron holds an MBA and is also a Professional Engineer (P.Eng.) where he combines his formal training with his industry experience to work with clients to find solutions around operations, growth, governance, and transformation.

A Chartered Director (C.Dir.), Ron has served as Chair and Vice Chair of various Not-for-Profit and industry organizations. He brings his leadership experience, industry knowledge, and focus on sound governance to help organizations succeed.

Ron is passionate about travel and experiencing and learning from cultures around the world, having travelled to 50 countries. He also is an avid cyclist and spends much of his free time with his young family.

Why Enertia’s Expertise is Different

Decades of industry and executive experience

Utility Locating

Ron Laidman has worked as an executive for the 3 largest locating companies in Canada (Promark, GTel, PVS). Of note, he led the expansion of the largest dedicated locating program in the province in 2022. He also was a key member of the Infrastructure Ontario broadband committee to develop dedicated locating and improved telecom design and access. Ron is considered an industry expert, having also served for many years on the ORCGA board of directors as the Locator board representative.

Energy and LDC

Ron was a senior executive for OEC, one of the largest turnkey energy services companies in Ontario. OEC provides various services including utility design, locating, utility construction, meter services, geomatics, as well as renewable energy solutions such as solar, water, and geothermal. OEC also owns Oakville Hydro, one of the largest LDCs in Ontario. Prior to this, Ron had various divisional and corporate leadership roles for Shawcor, a publicly traded multinational energy services company.


Through his experience, Ron had held both operational and executive level roles in firms that service telecom infrastructure. These businesses provide design, field and construction services to the major telecom providers in Canada and Ron has been involved in major project implementation, transformation, program management and general business oversight.


Ron is formally educated in board governance through The Directors College, achieving his C.Dir. certification in 2021. He also has served on various boards of non profit and industry groups. Roles have included Chair, Vice Chair, as well as a member of various HR/Governance, Finance, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation committees. Ron continues to hone his knowledge around best practices related to governance, ESG, diversity, processes, and strategy.