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Our Capabilities

We help clients and businesses by strengthening your processes and data, managing transformation and change effectively, positioning for strong and sustainable growth, and effective governance. Our extensive expertise is focused on the energy, infrastructure and utility industries, as well as non profit and start up businesses.

Utility Locating & Construction

Dedicated Locator program set up, locate contract management, utility owner approvals and facilitation, general locate process guidance and improvement

Energy, Utilities & Telecommunications

LDC growth and diversification strategy, general operational and organizational capabilities, transformation and innovation programs, market analysis and development, M&A transition and structure, governance and sustainability solutions

Governance Solutions

Board and company governance process implementation, ESG and sustainability, purpose, strategic planning, sales and market strategy, business process formalization and support


Dedicated Locator and Construction

Dedicated locating programs are vital to Ontario’s construction and infrastructure industries with the enactment of Bill 93 and changes to the Ontario One Call Act. We have extensive experience working with the largest locating companies in Canada as well as contractors and utility owners and the regulator in Ontario. With this deep knowledge, we can work with project and infrastructure owners, contractors, and service providers to understand the dedicated locating options available and structure a program that makes sense for your needs.

We will work with you to understand your capital program, identify utility owners and locate service providers (LSP) in the areas, structure contracts with impacted owners and LSPs, interface with One Call, and provide implementation guidance. We can also act as a project management support to coordinate between contractor, project owner, utility owners, and LSP.

Energy, Utilities, Telecom

We have a deep understanding of the landscape in which utility owners, contractors, and service providers operate. We will work with you on operational and organizational improvement initiatives, developing continuous improvement and innovation programs, market and growth analysis, M&A guidance and transition set up, and project governance.

One area of focus is on growth strategies and diversification for Electrical Distributors (LDC) in Ontario to help diversify and grow their unregulated services. We have extensive experience working in the most diversified LDC industry leader that has grown its unregulated service offerings extensively beyond distribution.

Governance Solutions

We recognize that organizations of all shapes and sizes are focused on managing limited resources and delivering to clients. Sometimes, this can lead to less focus on formal aspects of the business in terms of governance, strategy, processes, ESG, diversity, and other aspects of sound governance. Sometimes there are trends underway that you may not be aware of. This is where an experienced set of eyes can assess your current state and risk and help put in place a level of rigor to give you confidence that the business has sufficient governance and structure in place so you can focus your time on delivering to clients.

We offer special rates for our non profit clients and for entrepreneurs early in their business journeys. Get in touch below so we can figure out how we can help.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why engage Enertia rather than another consultancy?

Enertia’s deep understanding of the energy, infrastructure, and utility industries provides a level of expertise that you won’t find with other general consultancies. Our founder has been an executive with various businesses including LDC, energy infrastructure services , oil and gas, and telecommunications, so the deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities in this space is something unique to Enertia. We also have extensive experience in board governance and not for profit sectors that allows the not for profit sector access to expertise to solve their unique challenges.

Can we meet virtually or in person?

In person, virtual, or by phone all work.

What does an initial consultation session look like?

Your time is valuable, so our goal in the first session is to get to know you, your business, and your specific challenges so we can hone in on how we might help. We may need to design a full scale program, do research, solve a small but challenging problem, or simply just connect for a future engagement if the time isn’t right now. There is no obligation and more than anything we want to learn about your challenges and for you to get to know us.

What expertise do you have at Enertia?

Our founder, Ron Laidman, comes with deep expertise from decades of executive level experience working for various large energy and utility companies as well as a deep understanding of the non profit governance landscape. Ron has worked for a wide array of companies including local distribution companies (LDC), infrastructure field services, telecommunications, underground locating, and oil and gas services in companies ranging from 20 to 8000 employees, both private and publicly traded.

We also have a deep network of partners that we work with on specific challenges and opportunities to complement our expertise.

What are your rates?

Rates depend on the engagement, the complexity and the duration. We will work with you to design a program that helps address any constraints you have. We do offer special project rates to non profit clients.

Where can we meet?

We are located in in the Greater Toronto Area in Canada, centrally located to reach many places quickly in Ontario. We have worked extensively in Western Canada and Quebec as well.