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Dedicated Locator and Construction Programs

Bill 93 and the Getting Ontario Connected Act led to considerable changes in the way locates are being managed. Ontario One Call administers and enforces the Dedicated Locator (DL) programs, however there is a considerable amount of work before and after One Call’s involvement for a successful DL program execution. Enertia will provide your organization with a holistic view of the process from start to finish and give you the tools and support to ensure all aspects of the program are set up properly to help reduce delays and bring your project in on time.

We have solutions for all aspects of a Dedicated Locator Program

Program Structuring

We will look at your current project(s) and work with you to assess any gaps, set out a project schedule, and identify stakeholders and 3rd parties that need to be engaged at each stage. This will all come to you in a detailed program design plan and we can either continue to work together with Enertia’s support or your team can take it from there.

Stakeholder Coordination

Navigating the various stakeholders involved in a dedicated program in each region can be daunting. Often you don’t know which parties need to be part of the process until its too late. Enertia will work with you to identify the impacted stakeholders whether they be utility owners, locate service providers, contractors, or OneCall and work on a plan to coordinate communications, operational requirements, and timing.

Document Management

Bill 93 requires utility owners in an area to agree on a locate provider within 10 days, but often the contracts and other administrative aspects are extensive after this initial agreement. There are 90 days after this to be ready, but often the contracts discussions and records access and other details can take much longer if not properly managed. Enertia will help identify what needs to be done and can help manage the documentation and coordination.

Project Management

Often dedicated programs are being thrust onto a utility owner or contractor where there are limited resources to manage the project requirements in addition to your day jobs. This can add stress to your organization trying to stay on top of things and navigate the regulatory environment. Enertia can help act as project manager to work with your teams and other stakeholders to manage the project from start to finish or even portions of the program implementation.

We work with all Dedicated Program Stakeholders

Project Owners

Whether you are a telecom provider with a broadband project or a utility/municipal partner with a major capital project, we can help you navigate the Dedicated Locator environment.

We can act as a contracted partner to navigate the dedicated program from start to finish. We understand the regions you are working in and will identify the stakeholders that impact your project and act on your behalf to engage with them. This will involve working with utilities, municipal entities, and LSPs in each region, planning the process, setting up contracts and general project coordination. We will also help you navigate the OneCall process in terms of setting up station codes, costs, and procedures.

Infrastructure Owners Impacted by Projects

You are an infrastructure owner that has been notified of a Dedicated Locator project in your area. This can be a very stressful and time consuming situation and is one that we can help you navigate, both reactively and proactively.

We can work with you ahead of time to identify projects in your area before you are contacted. We can ensure you are ready with contracts, records access for the contractors/LSPs, and in understanding all the steps needed to avoid fines or other regulatory impacts. We will work with you to respond for these requests either in the moment or to have a plan prepared for the future. Enertia can also act on a contract basis or as needed as your point of contact for setting up these programs when a project owner and OneCall reach out.


We often find that excavators contracted to a project owner on a Dedicated project are not always clear on how to operate effectively in this new locate environment. Locates have been a challenge for years, but the new DL programs present their own heightened challenges.

Enertia will work with you to understand the regulatory and operational environment so you are prepared to hit the ground running with locates. We will work with the stakeholders and LSPs to ensure communication and processes are set up effectively and provide you process improvement opportunities based on our deep knowledge of both the DL models and LSP internal workings.

Regulatory, Government, Industry Bodies

We have a deep understanding of the landscape in which utility owners, contractors, LSPs and service providers operate. We can work with you to consult on specific aspects of the DL programs or to discuss process ideas given our deep knowledge of the locate and contracting industries. We are also available to work with you on developing new procedures or aspects of the DL programs as they progress over time.

Locate Service Providers

Having worked in the locate industry for many years, we have a deep understanding of the internal processes, challenges, and opportunities available to LSPs as they pertain to both DL programs and general operations.

We can help with coordination of stakeholders, setting up processes or acting as a resource within your team to help with the DL programs.

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