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Insights and Development

In addition to industry solutions, Enertia offers industry and business insights to help clients succeed and grow. Even if we don’t get the chance to engage on a specific initiative, we would value the opportunity to help you and your employees advance through access to our resources resources. Below you will find videos, posts, and access to affiliated resources to help learn about our industry, develop your career, or keep up to date on governance.

Industry Trends and Updates

Keep up to date on the energy and utility industries as well as general business and governance trends. Our latest articles and updates are below, and for more past articles please follow the “Read more” link at the bottom of any article to take you to the master page.

Career Development Resources

Ron Laidman is available to provide career advice and tools, resume review, coaching and much more to help you learn and grow no matter your industry or career goals. We’re also working on a more formal resource to help in this so stay tuned!


What is a Locator?

Everywhere you look, there is a network of critical infrastructure that supports everything we do to…

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USP Safety Moment Podcast

Ron Laidman had the opportunity to join Mike Sullivan, President of Utility Safety Partners (USP) on…

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Bienvenue: Considerations for US companies looking to expand to Canada

For many of us in Canada, we often view expansion to the USA as the ultimate sign that you have reac…

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What Lies Beyond 5G?

As with anything we humans touch, we have barely begun implementing 5G networks and yet questions ar…

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The Road to EV Transformation is Still Paved by Fossil Fuels

Let’s explore fossil fuel usage and the broader move to electrification, particularly through …

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How to Meaningfully Increase Locate Capacity Quickly on Projects

The concept of dedicated locating was borne out of the bottlenecks that have emerged over the past 7…

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What Everyday Life Would be Like Without Petrochemicals

I previously delved into the dependence of EVs on fossil fuels and I thought it would be interesting…

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What is a Consultant’s Value?

I have been a consultant for some time now, and while some things are as expected, others are coming…

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Starlink’s Impacts to Broadband Strategy and Rural Connectivity

With the ever expanding Starlink satellite count in low earth orbit, I decided to explore how Starli…

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How LDCs Can Be Impacted by Distributed Energy

A trend we are seeing more and more in the electrical industry is the rise of distributed energy res…

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New Guidelines to Become an Approved Dedicated Locator

Ontario One Call created in May 2023 an overview of minimum requirements to become a Dedicated Locat…

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Current Trends in Non Profit Board Governance

Non-profit organizations play a crucial role in addressing issues and making a positive impact on co…

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Maximizing Value in LDC Merger and Consolidation

While LDC consolidation has generally been seen as a beneficial trend in Ontario’s energy sect…

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5G is Changing Our World

5G is in place in many parts of Canada and it’s starting to revolutionize the way we connect, commun…

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How You Can Get on a Board Seat

Board positions can seem like this black hole where its difficult to discern how people got on board…

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